What are plugins and why do you need them?

 What do plugins do and where can you get them?

Ok first off we will give you the definition of them and attempt to explain in a usable way their function and how you can use them to change your site or to add functionality in areas that were not already coded by a professional for you.

Which makes plugins an extremely cheap, often free ,way of enhancing your website(s) quickly and easily whilst at the same time giving you the ability to continually update critical areas of your site to keep up with the web, Google, and to make it as hard as possible for hackers to enter your site(s).

Plug-ins are mini programs that add specific features or services to another program.

Plugins are add-nos to your WordPress blog. They extend the functionality of your site.

Plugins are software scripts.

A plugin is usually a number of files compressed into archive that can be downloaded to your hard disk from plugin directories or from the site of the plugin.

This is the official plugin directory

You don’t need to have programming skills when using most of the plugins but you have to carefully read the instructions given by the plugin author and follow them. If something is wrong with the plugin you should consult the plugin author or check their forum for answers, I’ve found that usually if a plugin has been around for awhile and does not work properly on a site I have loaded it into, it has nearly always been my fault, once or twice it was not compatible with that version of WordPress which again makes it my fault.

However sometimes a couple of different plugins on your site may clash. This is usually covered in the installation and is extremely rare so don’t worry too much.

There are thousands of plugins for WordPress, a lot are free and most of them are upgraded regularly. They can also be easily switched off.

This makes WordPress very convenient, flexible and easy-to-customize software.

When selecting a plugin you should see to compatibility of the plugin with the version of your WordPress blog.

Very often it is written in the description of the plugin.

Plugins also play a very important role in the security and functionality of your site !

It is strongly recommended to make backup of your site in case something go wrong, before installing a plugin. Hehe (evil laugh) you can get a plugin to backup your site here

See they can do just about anything.

I like WordPress and this is one of the reasons why, you can start a site for just about nothing and as you learn or make more money etc you can add functionality and endless expansion to it in this way without continually paying someone to write code or paying a monthly fee to someone to update the compatibility of your site, which can be expensive.

I’m not saying that a good programmer is not worth the money, far from it, but why pay for something you don’t need?

So as you can see this is an area that is continually growing.

We will be reviewing plugins in a wide range of areas and also telling you which ones are our favorites and why.

Read on and Enjoy.