Monthly Charges.

To start let me tell you “I HATE monthly payments”.

I would rather pay a yearly payment or a “lifetime” payment, with upgrades etc included.

So, When I write about a service, Plugin, Theme or anything else that has a “monthly Charge” You will know that I have really looked into it deeply.


  1. Meet some really strict criteria,
  2. I will have researched it in extreme depth.
  3. I will have read the customer comments.
  4. I will (where possible) have contacted some of the customers.
  5. I will have contacted the company or supplier or developer.

So if I have recommended something with a monthly charge I will have come to the conclusion that it’s worth the money (and I’m really really tight).

It does not mean that I will be using ALL of them on this site, all sites are different and have different needs.

It will however mean that I have checked it out Rigorously.